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You can get what you need in Albert Lea

RPM Classic Parts helped us find needed Studebaker parts.

RPM Classic Parts helped us find needed Studebaker parts.

We have been working on my son Jesse’s 1949 Studebaker Commander Starlight coupe and after we took the engine up to Antigo Auto Parts to have it rebuilt, engine guy Bob Andes called us up. “This timing cover has a bad dent in it,” he said. “And there is a spacer piece behind the water pump that the mounting holes are cracked on. Can you get these pieces for me?”

At first we thought Bob’s request was a pretty tall order. You can’t just buy Studebaker parts from a catalog. Then, Jesse hopped on eBay to see what he could find. Within a few minutes he came up with a timing cover for me to bid on. And it didn’t take much longer to find the water pump spacer.

When the parts arrived, we noticed that they both came from the same place–RPM Motorsports in Albert Lea, Minn. So we decided to see if this parts supplier had a Website. They sure did. It’s We linked over to it and started reading. Here’s what it says:

Think back to a time when Friday night meant cruising Main Street, racing for pink slips and showing off your wheels at the parking lot. The memories are timeless, as are the cars we have grown to love.

Your classic old car makes a statement. It may evoke a memory of another time, another place, or ownership may be the fulfillment of a dream. Looking at your investment portfolio is not nearly as much fun as driving your classic car. And chances are the car will be an investment, too.”

When the parts we ordered for the Studebaker arrived, they were neatly packed and the shipment included an invoice and business cards for RPM Motorsports. And best of all, both parts were in really great shape.

So, if you are trying to find unique, limited-edition or hard-to-find parts for your American-built Classic car, RPM Classic Parts specializes in that niche. RPM says it has 14 employees and gets in more 1927–1972 classic cars and trucks everyday. Hopefully, they can get you the parts you need. If they can’t, they will search them out for you. They did a great job with the parts we needed for the Studebaker engine.


U.S. Toll Free: 1-877-489-9163
Outside the U.S.: 1-507-377-1138

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