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Car Show Season

I had a busy "old car" weekend. After my quick trip to Indy in my '53 Pontiac last Wednesday and Thursday, I wound up taking the same car (bugs and all) to a nighttime show in Clintonville, Wis. on Friday evening. Clintonville is the birthplace of four wheel drive and the historic home of the FWD Corp. Old cars lined the town's Main St. and the turnout was good. The first 150 car owners got sweat shirts and I missed out on that, so that was a good indication of the size of the crowd. (Actually, I have plenty of shirts, so I'm glad they all went to deserving hobbyists). One fellow who showed up with two outstanding Dodges from the '20s got my vote for favorite cars, but there were many nice old timers to see. On Sunday, I drove my '36 Pontiac to Ripon, Wis. My favorite there was a gorgeous, original-condition '48 Pontiac Streamliner coupe. I have a "pretty nice" '48 Streamliner sedan, but this coupe was absolutely stunning. One thing I enjoyed at both shows was the diversity of the vedhicles. They ranged from the true antique cars that my generation loves to the "tuners" that my grandkids go wild over.

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