Car Shows = Cheap Entertainment

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A record 300-car turnout at the Wolf River Classic Chevy Club's annual show in New London, Wis., yesterday was a very encouraging sight. Hobbyists have been wondering if gas prices are going to hurt car show attendence. If New London is any indication, the answer is a resounding no. Car shows and other hobby events are "cheap entertainment."

It costs $5 to put a car in the New London Show and I believe spectator admission is free. The food at the show is good and reasonable. While some participants are from New London, many come from Green Bay, Appleton even Oshkosh. They have to drive an hour or more each way. That's $50 worth of gas, but when you add up the gas, food and admission, it's still a fun day for not too much money.

Here are 10 ways to help make a car show a success:

1. Low admission; 2. Good food at reasonable price; 3. Good restrooms; 4. Good promotion and advertising; 5. Good themes and feature cars; 6. Increase appeal to new and younger hobbyists (the hobby is growing); 7. Make entrance and exit quick and easy (hobbyists hate overheating); 8. Give special incentives for club participation; 9. Chose your classes carefully (if you have a "sports car" class and only Corvettes win, make a Corvette class and a class for other sports cars); 10. Get newspapers, TV stations, radio stations or car magazines to expose your event.

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