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Carolina Dreamin'

Twice every year, in conjunction with the Charlotte AutoFair ( I do a two-hour long broadcast with local radio personality Keith Larson. This is always lots of fun, because Keith plays "car songs" from movies and people call in to ask questions about their cars. Most of the questions concern collector-car values and I use the Old Cars Price Guide to give the listeners an idea of the "ballpark prices" of their old cars. Like most top radio personalities, Keith keeps things moving along with a good dose of humor, such as offering people $1,200 "cash on the barrelhead" for the cars that I give out five-figure estimates on. 

What always amazes me about this "gig" is the amazing cars that people in the Charlotte area own. One man who called in was interested in getting a price for his "grandmother's old car." It turned out to be an unrestored '64 Malibu SS 327 ertible. I had other calls from a armann-Ghia owner, two owners of '65 Mustang convertibles, owners of '67 and '72 Cougars, a '72 Road Runner fan and a man with a low-mileage 1963-1/2 Falcon Sprint convertible.

Doing the "Keith Larson Show" always sets me off "Carolina Dreamin'" again. Charlotte must truly be the land of milk and honey . . . and really gorgeous old cars!


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