Class Wars

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Went to a car show yesterday. It was big enough and in a nice location, and there were some interesting cars. But the judging classes were absolutely whacky. They had about four or six classes for four-wheel-drives in different age brackets and both stock and modified, but no category for sports cars. If you were driving a sports car, it might have fit in the "Two-seat" class or maybe the "Miscellaneous class." In the two-seat class your Triumph would have been competing with at least one golf cart. Really! I can't tell you what it would have been competing with in the miscellaneous class, because I didn't find any entries in that class. There was a class called "Best of Show" class. So, if your car was Best of Show, it really wasn't best of show, it was only best in that class! I tried to figure some of these things out, but I couldn't. Can anyone out there help me?

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