Cleaning Up the Garage - Not!

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Now that it's (finally) getting nice up here, I've been putting an hour or two each day cleaning "Gunner's Garage." It is stuffed with cars right to the door - 12 of them. One belongs to one of my twin granddaughters. The rest are mine. If I ever want to move around comfotably inside, I gotta sell something. Not the '36 Poncho or the '53 Catalina. Those are keepers. And my '89 Caprice 9C1 police car is a keeper, too. I just had the brakes on the '48 Streamliner sedan fixed at Zerp to 60 garage ( so I might as well get at least a summer's worth of driving out of it. The '57 Buick Century has only moved two or three tiimes since I bought it six years ago, but aahhh that rumble! It's not for sale either. No one needs an MG TD and an MG TF -- but if you have both, you might as well have a TC, too, right? I really don't need the '91 Lincoln Town Car, but no one else wants it. The same goes more or less for the '94 Sunbird convertible. I'd probably lose money selling either of those cars and they're too nice to take a loss on. That leaves the MG Magnette and the 2003 Ranger. Can't sell the Magnette, because it's all apart. And I just bought the Ranger, so I'm not going to sell it.

Guess I can't sell anything.

Oh well! Might be a good year to buy another building. Then I can store some cars there and have the room I need. Until the MG TC arrives, that is!

So much for cleaning garages.

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