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Clever club roster

When you drive a Kaiser or a Frazer, it's a safe bet the the guy behind the counter at Auto Zone or O'Reilly's is going to give you a funny look if you ask for parts for a '51 Traveler. That's true for many of us driving vintage iron, but we shouldn't let it stop us from road tripping.

For those (hopefully) rare occasions when a Kaiser or Frazer encounters a problem on the road, the Kaiser Frazer Owners Club International has shaped its annual roster to fit in the glovebox of its owners' cars. Quite handy. The roster is organized by name and state, which can be cross-referenced in the listings by location. Here, the contact information for fellow club members is at your finger tips.

Most clubs put out such rosters, although rarely in this format, and they're great not only for emergency break-downs, but also to network with people owning similar cars. Want to know where a great salvage yard is located during your next tour? Want to check out a car similar to yours during your next vacation? Pack your club's roster and make a few new friends while you do it.

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