Clintonville show bigger than ever

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Nearly 300 older cars and trucks drove to Clintonville. Wis., the evening of May 20 to participate in the city’s annual car show. Clintonville is the birthplace of four-wheel-drive technology. The Badger Four-Wheel Drive Auto Company was founded there in 1909 by Otto Zachow and William Besserdich.

This year the cars on display represented a cross section of the hobby. William Hupke and his son William brought out their 1924 and 1925 Dodges to show what people drove in the Roaring ‘20s, while Arden Bernhardt’s ’51 Studebaker Champion reflected how cars were changing after World War II.

A ’66 Comet lightweight drag racer illustrated one side of the performance car market niche, while Doug Carrick’s ’77 “rubber bumper” MGB showed how small-bore, high-revving imports re-interpreted what road performance meant.

The Clintonville show is unique because it takes place on Friday evening and shuts down the city’s main drag until 9 pm. The 280+ cars that came this year set a record for participation and brought some extra business to the city’s Main Street merchants. There was also a carnival with rides for kids that contributed to a real party atmosphere and kicked off the 2011 car show season.

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