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Cushy Jobs

At last evening's Wednesday Burger King Cruise Night in Waupaca, Wis., the topic of Cushman motor scooters came up. Cushmans are those snazzy two-wheel jobs that cost a couple of hundred bucks back in the '50s. At that time, gas was cheap and people who bought Cushman scooters were usually more interested in smiles-per-mile than miles-per-gallon. Things are all different now and one man at the cruise was remarking as how he was going to buy an old Cushman to save money getting to the Burger King on Wednesday nights. It didn't take long for another fellow to pipe up and say, "I got news for you, a restored Cushman is going to cost you about $7,000 and it's going to take you a long time to offset the price of one with your fuel savings!" Well, he can always get a Vespa. In fact, I know a Ferrari dealer in Milwaukee who sells them (like crazy these days).

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