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Cut to the Chase

By John Gunnell

The little burg of Chase, Wis., was filled with old cars.

The little burg of Chase, Wis., was filled with old cars.

TV Tommy Kujava said that this month’s Garage Session was in Pulaski, Wis. So I headed up there and the GPS wound up leading me right thru town and out the other end. So, I kept going about another three miles until the sign said I was in Chase. I never knew there was a Chase, Wis., and I certainly had no idea that’s where I’d wind up.

Tommy doesn’t know I was the first one who arrived. Neal Berzowski didn’t know that either, and he was the host. I got there at 5:30. I saw the Henry J in the driveway and I saw other cars at the house across the street and the house across another street from that one. But it was apparent I was early, so I ran back to Pulaski and picked up some goodies to donate to the party.

When I got back there were six or seven cars parked at one place or another. They included Tommy’s ’48 Dodge three-passenger coupe with its purple paint and yellow flames. Tommy runs a big Mopar HEMI under the hood, so the old Dodge can really get out of its own way.

Pretty soon, more cars came. Before long there were 40-50 car guys hanging out at the three homes. Some checked out the hot rod that Neal is building - a ’46 Ford convertible. Others were more interested in the Novas across the street or the other neighbor’s Mustang. There was also a Camaro racing car to check out and a rusty 1950 GMC on a car hauler.

Now I’m looking forward to the next Garage Session in the middle of September at car show promoter Joe Konkel’s automobilia and sign collection.

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