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Dead Tuckers: Where are the four 'extinct' Tuckers?

Fifty-one were built and 47 survive. That's an incredibly high survival rate for a 62-year-old automobile, but given the Tucker's uniqueness and its desirability since Preston tempted the public with plans for mass-production, it's not too surprising.

Since Tuckers have been cherished since they were new, I wondered how and why there came to be four Tuckers that didn't survive to the present, so I asked Jay Follis of the Tucker Historical Collection and the Tucker Automobile Club of America to provide answers (and photos) of those not-so-lucky Tuckers. He responded with a full two-page story in the March 25 issue of Old Cars Weekly.

This was one of the most fun stories I've had the chance to read in a long time, and I hope you enjoy it, too.

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