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Everyone always wants to know what "trends" are happening in the old-car hobby. A trend I'm picking up on is that big car collectors and big collector car dealers are buying old cars.

Last week a major dealer called me out of the blue. He was coming to Wisconsin and wanted to know if any good cars were for sale. I knew of a few, but I have no idea if he went after them.

A week later, I visited a big 100-car collection in the Chicago area. One of my friends just landed a job working there. He said that his boss is also buying cars.

The ability to buy nice cars at lower prices than a few years ago is driving this trend, but at least there is "commerce" happening in the old-car hobby. It is this type of activity that will, in the long run, help get the national economy back on track.

If you have a car you want to sell, you might also be interested in this trend. Just don't expect to get 2007 prices for it. 

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