Desperate Measures

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Whenever I get a new vehicle, I enjoy buying a few reproduction metal signs to dress up my car building with memorabilia related to the new acquisition. A Ford sign if I buy a Ford and a Mopar sign if I buy a Chrysler product, etc. At swap meets these signs cost quite a bit and on eBay the price may be slightly lower, but then "the shipping kills ya!"

A few years ago I found a place called Desparate Enterprises ( that sells reproduction signs. They have a big selection and if you purchase 14 signs, the price is incredible -- about $6 per sign and they pay the shipping.

To get up to 14 signs I usually order signs for my other brands of cars as well. I might even throw in an Elvis sign or an "I Love Lucy." And if they have none I am interested in, I just buy the ones I want, plus the most attractive "extras" I can find. Then I sell the extras for just slightly more or give them away as gifts.

Good deal all around!

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