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Different Strokes For Different Folks

My twin granddaughters are starting college , so during my recent "vacation" (now you know why I wasn't blogging) I took them shopping.

A few years ago, I did a low-bucks fix-up of twin red '90-'91 Pontiac Sunbird converts for the girls. I didn't restore them, but we rebuilt engines, put on new tops and added spoilers and mags.

Apparently, driving converts has turned the girls into enthusiasts, but '90s Sunbirds are not really their dream cars. As we drove around, they would notice when a silver Grand Prix or a black Lexus went by. "There goes a Pontiac Solstice," they'd say. "There's a Monte Carlo."

People say that modern cars are not going to be collectible. Just last week the Wall Street Journal had a story about "modern muscle cars" and experts were quoted saying that cars of the '70s, '80s and '90s can't be fixed because they have computrers. Baloney! The Sunbirds had computers and we fixed them. Modern cars made today have even better computers. Most of them may never need that type of repair.

I guarantee that my granddaughters will be collecting the cars of today when tomorrow rolls around. And apparently, they already think there's lots of "cool" modern cars to collect. They are not the cars I collect, but they will be collected. Different strokes for different folks.

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