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Dinah Shore's Chevrolet, in the next Old Cars Weekly

“See the U.S.A.
in your Chevrolet
America is asking you to call.
Drive your Chevrolet,
through the U.S.A.
America’s the greatest land of all.
On a highway or a road along a levee,
performance is sweeter,
nothing can beat ’er,
life is completer in a Chevy!
So make a date today,
to see the U.S.A,
and see it in your Chevrolet!"

- From "See the U.S.A. in your Chevrolet," by Leon Carr and Leo Corday

Not only did Dinah Shore sing the praises of Chevrolet, she drove them. Among her "bow-ties" are a 1987 Corvette and the car shown here, a 1953 Bel Air station wagon. Chevrolet didn't build a Bel Air station wagon for the masses in 1953, but apparently if you were singing about Chevys, you could get any Chevy you wanted.

We'll have a full story on Dinah's wagon in the next issue of OCW, plus some rare photos from the GM Media Archives, supplied by them and Vintage Chevrolet Club of America member Bruce Granger. For now, here's a preview shot:

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