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Driving a little off the road

This week, we're working on a 1950s issue of Old Cars Weekly, but I couldn't help but driving a little on the shoulder by including a prewar car story. In this case, the car is a Duesenberg, one of my favorite marques. It's also a very special Duesenberg, being the only one with engine turning on all of its aluminum components under the hood. When I bought the photo below several years ago, it was for the purpose of writing up this car. I have included it here as a teaser:

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The Duesenberg to be featured in the Aug. 19 issue of OCW is owned by Jim Schneck of Wisconsin, and if you want to see it in person, you'll have two chances this summer. The car will be at the Milwaukee Masterpiece Aug. 21-22, which will honor Duesenberg historians Ray Wolff and Joe Kaufman and Duesenberg cars (including Schneck’s J-525). Learn more at or call 414-225-1342.

The car will also appear at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club’s annual Reunion and the Ab Jenkins Memorial Exhibition of Speed Sept. 3 at the Kendallville (Ind.) Airport runway. Learn more at

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