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Early Yesterday Morning I Fired Up My 1954 MG TF Roadster And Drove About 15 Miles To Hook Up With Two Of My

Early yesterday morning I fired up my 1954 MG TF roadster and drove about 15 miles to hook up with two of my friends - Lance and Dean - for a 60-mile cruise to the Fox Cities British Car Club's annual "Wash and Tune" day. This is held at a tour bus garage in Appleton, Wisconsin, about 65 miles from Iola. The bus company empties the garage so we can fill it with Bristish sports cars. We get to use the bus-washing equipment and the car owners help each other make final adjustments on their cars. The weather was great and it was a wonderful 130-mile Saturday morning cruise. About 30 cars showed up. Dean drove his Triumph TR6, but Lance had to leave his MG Midget home and take his "modern" Miata.

Lance is having problems with the Midget and that's the main reason for writing this today. I thought some of you might have suggestions on how he can solve his problem. When he drives the Midget around town it runs fine. When he tries to take a long trip on the highway, something causes the gap on several spark plus to close. Since the engine was running well before this started to happen last year, Lance knows that the parts inside are OK. He's also pretty sure the problem is not caused by carbon build up. Without pulling the motor down, he has made lots of checks and tried different things and the problem remains. Has anyone out there n "blog land" had a similar situation? Let me know what you think and I'll pass comments along to Lance.

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