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Enough already!

Every year it seems like it gets worse. About the end of February/beginning of March, those of us in the North have had our share of winter and begin to get antsy. Our winter rides have done their part and are caked in a thick covering of salt, but our thoughts turn to spring and hitting the road with our classics.

It seems Mother Nature plays her cruel trick every year by giving us a brief reprieve from the frigid temperatures and graces us with a few days of warmth. This warmth usually puts a dent in the yearly snow accumulation and gives us hope that spring has actually sprung. Usually, the warmth is preceded by a day or so of rain that cleans the salt off the roads — making matters even worse for our spring-craving minds.

The perennial question arises: Do we tempt fate and pull the collector car out of storage and enjoy the weather? In the back of our mind we know full and well that the warm weather is a ruse and the reality of winter rearing its ugly face again is almost a certainty.

Nevertheless, we cling to the thought that the warmth will stay and someone above felt like giving us a present of a few more weeks of car season this year. Just about that time the weather turns for the worse, and like clockwork, we are hit with another winter blizzard. It is the cruelest of blows. Perhaps that is why they call it the “winter blues.” Mother Nature truly is a cruel mistress.

Many of you know the feeling and trudge through these last few weeks of winter with a mixture of disgust and anticipation waiting for driving season to begin. We want to see the classics on the road again. Even if you do not own a vintage vehicle, it is nice to see the chrome glimmering in the sunlight as a classic rolls on past you down the highway. Show season is right around the corner as well.

Hang in there kindred souls. The days are getting longer and Ol’ Man Winter is throwing his final punches knowing that his time is nearing an end. Just a few more weeks and we will be seeing his defeated face in the rear view. Start looking to the garage to get your old friends back into driving condition, because spring is just around the corner.

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