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Maier Precast is an Illinois company whose graphics designer can custom-etch any type of automotive graphics into the mantels, hearths, bars, coffee tables, sinks and outdoor counters that the company sells. Maier’s mantels, hearths and other products are made out of a lightweight concrete so that they can be installed on most home floors without extra reinforcement. Most of the mantels and hearths come in five to six pieces, allowing for easy installation. The standard colors for mantels are white, gray, and buff, but Maier offers the option of painting the piece to match your wall, trim or finish. Maier countertops are made out of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), which allows pouring material thinner than regular concrete. GFRC weighs only 10 percent as much as conventional precast concrete. There are no molds, or standard sizes so each counter is madeto your specific requirements. Maier also now offers computer design services that will take your personal collector car ideas and etch them onto your concrete creations. Because of the custom nature of this work, prices differ according to the job. For details contact Maier Precast by calling (630) 854-6638. You can also visit or email Eric Maier at

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