Fast Times at Rosemont "Hi"

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Although I have never owned a Corvette, I have been writing about Chevrolet's fiberglass sports car since before I came to Old Cars Weekly 29 years ago. In fact, my first automotive writing job was penning articles for For Vettes Only, which is a newsletter put out by the National Corvette Owners Association (

More recently I edited two great and very different books about Corvettes. Mike Yager's Corvette Bible is a friendly little book with basic information and expert advice for each year of Corvette production. Corvette Masterpieces, by Jerry Heasley, is a massive hardcover book that covers the Corvette dream cars, prototypes, racing cars, tuners and resto-mods, as well as all the personalities involved in the 'Vette hobby. (Both books are described on

In November, Mike Yager, Jerry Heasley and I have all been invited to sign copies of our books (mine is The Standard Catalog of Corvettes 1953-2007) at Chevy/Vettefest in Chicago.

When I went years ago, the Chevy-VetteFest drew a really large crowd and it's probably bigger today. So I am excited about meeting the many car enthusiasts who read my articles, my books and my blog. If you come to the show at the Rosemont on Nov. 17-18, you'll be able to give a big "Hi" to a couple of real Corvette guys -- Mike Yager and Jerry Heasley. Don't miss this opportunity. 

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