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A Fateful Trip


There is always a dream or something that tugs on our heart strings. Recently in the news, an older couple from near Marietta, Georgia, went to look at buying a Mustang that was listed on Craigslist. They both were retired and looking to spend more of their golden years traveling in a car that was like the one that he had coming out of the service. They took off in their car, and no one heard from them.

Relatives were concerned and reported it to local police. There were posts all over Facebook and shares of the story. The national news also reported on this case. They traced the advertisement and questioned the individual. Helicopters, volunteers and law enforcement searched for this couple. Sadly to say, it was reported today that they were found murdered in their car – in a lake. The individual that was questioned turned himself in to police.

How horrible is that?! This couple only wanted to live out their final years, doing what they loved and with something, a Mustang, that meant something to them. I would assume, they took a portion of their savings to buy this car, and were so excited to take the trips that were in their minds. Only to be met with a person/persons that had an evil plan that started with luring someone in with hopes of a classic car. True candy in a car lover’s eyes.

We have told our kids, time after time, don’t take candy from strangers. Most adults don’t think that they can be lured in just as we told our kids. I hope that they serve some “Southern Justice” on the people/person that took advantage of someone’s dreams.

I travel all over the U.S. and look at cars, collections and antique tractors. This story hit home a bit. Now, I’m a pretty ballsy gal, but this story just shows that anyone, could be a victim. In this digital age, what can be done to prove that the advertising is legit? Is there really a way to verify the content of posted advertising online? Emails and advertising like this can belong to faceless, evil cowards.

When we were doing the Lambrecht Chevrolet Auction, almost immediately I received an email from someone who wanted information that later turned to hateful comments on me and the auction. You could just sense the “Evil” on the other end of the email. I ignored it, but soon there was more and it was always the same email address. We were having a meeting with the Nebraska State Patrol, city cops, and highway patrol. I shared the emails with them and they immediately took this serious and told me to tell my local Sheriff.

The emails were scary, and this person knew where I was almost all the time. The last email I got had a date, time and place when he was going to come and kill me. It was 5 pm in August 2013. I was outside and looked at my watch and it was 6 pm. I said to Johnathon, “Well, looks like he’s not coming.” I then called the local sheriff and thanked him for NOT taking this serious after Nebraska did.

They can trace those IP addresses. I later learned that the Lambrecht family was also getting mail, not email, mail. As the auction got closer, we added security for the family and our staff. We had people that were carrying and I figured I wasn’t going to let this stranger take this moment for the family and myself and crew.

That night after the first day, on my phone, was an email was this faceless coward. I had saved, but ignored them. This time I responded and told him to crawl back under that rock that he came from or the 7th layer of Hell. Shut up.

I never heard from that IP address again. The family also stopped getting letters. But it is scary and I think in this digital age, we have to take these things seriously.

When I was growing up, you knew your neighbor and most of all, they knew who your dad was. People also were able to take care of themselves. I remember several times being out late, maybe a little naughty, and the cop in Garretson would say, “Ms. Nordstrom, isn’t it about time to go home? I do believe that Art is wondering where you're at." Yeah, I got home and sure enough, Dad was waiting.

Another time, a local farmer was baling hay and found my boyfriend’s wallet in the window. He didn’t bring it to him, but my dad. Ooops.

As a mom, I tell my kids to be careful, but I think that this is also a lesson for all of us in this digital age.

Yvette VanDerBrink
The Lil’Nordstrom’s Gal

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