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Milwaukee Shop’s Scope: Vespa to Testa

Reina International Auto has a wide scope of interest that ranges from Vespa to Testa – Testa Rosa, that is! The Milwaukee, Wisconsin business specializes in luxury automobiles and sports cars, but also has a Vespa motor scooter franchise. “We are the largest Vespa dealer in Wisconsin,” says Lorenzo Reina. "

Joseph Reina is the sales manager of the business and handles that aspect of the operation. Lorenzo takes care of service and restoration. He was working on a Ferrari 308 owned by an executive of the Sargento Cheese company.

“We originally started in West Allis, Wisconsin in 1981,” Lorenzo explained. “We used to be factory-franchised dealers for Alfa-Romeo, Maserati and Lancia in the state of Wisconsin.”

When the imported-car market softened in the ‘80s and ‘90s, some of the Italian brands pulled up stakes in the American marketplace and left forever. “Actually, we still have our Alfa dealer franchise under our old name,” Lorenzo recalled. “But a lot of the rules changed, so today we do restoration work on Ferraris and other Italian cars. We also have a service department, a parts department and a body shop.”

Another car Lorenzo was working on was a 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC. “I have three months in on this car already,” Lorenzo said. “It will take me another three or four months to finish the job.” Also in the shop for service was a 1990 Testa Rosa in showroom condition that’s valued at $80,000 today.

In addition to restoring cars, Reina is an enthusiast, as are other members of the family. “We do vintage racing at Elkhart Lake and other venues,” said Lorenzo. “My son Fillipo and nephew Roberto compete in Sports Car Club of America racing, too.”

Reina International Auto has been at its current location for over 25 years.

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