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Thursday night we got the MG TD engine running again. I would guess we have been working on that puppy, once a week, since about the start of the year. Taking it out oif the car, running it to the machine shop, buying what we thought were all the parts, buying more parts, htaking the parts back to the machine shop to make them fit, buying more parts, getting more machining done. It seemed like the job would never end. On Thursday night we pushed the button. After a few tries and a few adjustments, she popped off and ran. She sounded pretty good. Still needs to be timed and mat=ybe have the carbs balanced. We're not ready to drop her in yet. Onto the '53 Pontiac Hydra-Matic next week. Actually, we're rebuilding a spare '54 tranny to put in the '53. Who knows if they're exactly the same?

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