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Last summer, Old Cars Weekly publisher Kevin Isaacson bought a '76 MGB. Kevin has been very busy building up the magazine's on-line presence and hasn't had lots of time, lately, to drive his Blue B. Last week, he decided to take it for a ride, but he couldn't get it started. Since I'm on vacation August 13-24, Kevin asked if I had time to check his car out. While this sounds like fun, I'm a little gun shy. I'm used to playing with prewar stuff, T-Series MGs and flathead eights, but what do I know about MGBs? They are "modern" cars to me. I mean, they have roll-up windows and signal lights, don't they?

So here's they thing. Kevin's car cranks but doesn't fire. And I'm going up to his place next Wednesday to try to get it started for him. Help! Any experts out there? What do I do? Where do I start? What tools do I take along? Help!

Since I can check this blog from home, I'll keep checking between now and next Wednesday. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them. Maybe we can get Kevin's Blue B started together!

Do the "click" thing and tell me your ideas.

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