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Gunner's 2011 roadtrip to Florida
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After driving through the Great Blizzard of 2011 in the 9C1 police car, the rest of the trip into Florida was a snap. Well, it was raining pretty much the whole way from Nashville to Daytona, but the weather still beat the snow and ice back in Badgerland.

Shane Hanke -- who operates Shane's Classic Sports Cars inside Gunner's Great Garage -- had made thearrangements for a beach front hotel called the Hawaiin Inn. They were finishing up rennovations for race weekend, so we got a special low room rate and it was great. Slide the glass door back and the sand was right there.

We had not attended the British Motor Trade Association conference since the first one eight years ago and it was clear that the trade group for British car parts and restoration professionals has been doing all the right things. The theme of the conference was "communication" and the seminars covered everything from employee relations to how to set up a Facebook page (if that's your thing).

Friday night we had a kool dinner at the headquarters of Motorsports Marketing, which is in a restored, art deco building. That was neat enough in itself, but inside the office were a Triumpn TR3 racer, a Group 44 Triumph GT-6 factory competition coupe and, of course, a vintage Triumph motorcycle.

Stay tuned for a rundown on the seminars that were put on.

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