Florida car club to rally around new ethanol-free gas station

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Past readers of this blog know that I am not a fan of the EPA's push to add increasing amounts of ethanol to gasoline. Noting the harmful effects of ethanol on small engines and vintage vehicles, thousands of fuel stations across the country have chosen to offer ethanol-free fuel at their pumps. The easiest and most effective way hobbyists can show their appreciation to these ethanol-free stations is by patronizing them, but one club is going a step farther.

The Villages Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America (TVRAACA) of The Villages, Fla., will be enhancing a local ethanol-free gas station's grand opening with a display of cars. This station will be opening along Highway 44 in The Villages within 90 days, but planning by Alan Stone of the club is already underway. The club has also been contacted by the local newspaper for an article on the forthcoming car display.

The TVRAACA's display will be a great way to show support to those businesses that support the hobby, and extend the station's visibility beyond collector car owners. Good work!

Other clubs already rally around ethanol-free stations. One example we're aware of the is the Minnesota Street Rod Association, which regularly publishes a list of fuel stations that offer ethanol-free gasoline in Minnesota and surrounding states. You can also use Google to location stations that offer ethanol-free gas in your state.

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