Ford Y-Block Exhaust Manifolds

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Improve the performance of your 1954-64 Ford Y-block V-8 with Y-Block Tru-Ram performance Exhaust Manifolds from Speedway Motors. When the Y-block V-8 was first introduced in the mid-'50s, engineers realized that Ford trucks needed to produce more torque and horsepower. They designed these W-style manifolds to help deliver the extra power necessary. Speedway Motors has faithfully reproduced Ford’s original design using new tooling, improved casting processes and high-nickel-content iron. The manifolds produce significant horsepower gains over standard passenger car headers or exhaust manifolds. They also have a distinctive appearance and look great in street rods and '50s and ’60s cars and trucks. Sold in pairs, the Y-Block Tru-Ram Performance Exhaust Manifolds come complete with gaskets and companion flanges to connect to your exhaust system. These Y-Block Tru-Ram Performance Exhaust Manifolds are part of an ever-expanding line of specialty parts from Speedway Motors, America’s Oldest Speed Shop®. Call 1.800.979.0122 or visit

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