Four-Door Flat-top Olds

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Four-door cars like this Oldsmobile have great appeal to younger car collectors.

Four-door cars like this Oldsmobile have great appeal to younger car collectors.

The Iola Old Car Show ( feature exhibit this year will be “Four for all in ‘14” – featuring four-door vehicles. There are two big positives in honoring four-door cars. First, a number of four-door models are unique/ Second, a lot of younger collectors getting into the hobby today find it easier and more affordable to own a four-door car.

A good example is the 1960 Oldsmobile four-door hardtop that John Timm brought to the 2011 Iola Old Car Show for a special “Old Cars / Young Dricvers” display that year. Timm is a resident of Appleton, Wis., and the son of a veteran car collector. His car was a Super 88 Holiday Sedan with GM’s unique “flat top” roof styling. It was finished in blue with a white roof.

A car like this is a perfect choice for a young collector today. It has a ‘50s look, plenty of power for the highway, lots of room for friends or family and enough styling distinction to generate lots of attention at car shows. The flat top cars had a very squat look, a unique rear overhang and a piece of wraparound rear glass that owners hope they never have to replace.

It would be great to see at least one example of this car frpom each GM division at the 2014 Iola Old Car Show. Timm’s Oldsmobile could proudly represent GM’s most time-honored division, but who will bring a Chevy, Pontiac or Buick to Iola?

If you know someone who is the owner of a nice example, tell them to visit the car show’s website and get in touch with the full-time staff so the car can get registered for the special display.

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