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Free Papa John's pizza for Camaro owners

Got a Camaro? Have an inkling for a sausage and pepperoni pie? Then fill your tank and go fill your stomach, because today's your lucky day. To celebrate finding the '71 Camaro Z/28 that was sold to finance Papa John's pizza, the founder, "Papa" John Schnatte, is giving away free pizzas to Camaro owners Aug. 26.

If you've been reading Old Cars Weekly, then you know the founder put out a $250,000 bounty on his car, and with the help of the people he sold the car to, the car was found looking much the same as when he sold it. Since the previous owners who Schnatte sold the car to were a big help in tracking it down, he also gave them $25,000. Schnatte sounds like a real car guy. Our type of guy.

Check out this link to get the low-down.

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