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From a Fix-Up to a Frame-Up

Maybe it's the fact that it snowed this morning (April 9) . . . or maybe it's the fact that my latest restoration is "snowballing" from a fix-up to a frame up. Whatever it is, the situation is out of control. I bought the car at last year's Iola Old Car Show and it looked like it was going to need tinkering to get it started, some interior work, some glass work and some serious clean up. But no amount of tinkering seemed to get the engine going, so pretty soon it was out of the car, along with the transmission. And since the wiring looked downright dangerous, we started removing it, too. Well, a few things had to come off to get the wiring out. In fact, in the end, the whole darn dashboard had to be extracted! In the process, the front and rear suspensions somehow came apart. You get the picture. I now have a garage full of bits and pieces. And I'm thinking of upgrading my shop a bit, just to finish this car. I'm talking about 220-amp service, a bigger compressor, a sand blaster, a powder-coating setup. By the time this car is done, we may need a new house!

I'm guessing you've probably gone from a Fix-Up to a Frame-Up yourself. Hey, it's easy to do. And I'd love to hear about your project. There's strength in numbers, you know.


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