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For the last few days I have been trying to do some touch up on my 1940 Indian motorcycle and it has been frustrating. There was a bare spot on the front of the rear fender, just behind the battery. I washed the aera with acetone and wax remover and sanded it until it felt smooth to the touch. I washed it with Eastwood Pre and then with clkean water. I used a filler primer and sanded it smooth with 220, 320 and then 600. I sprayed black enamel on and the paint krinkled up right down a small "ribbon" along the edge of the repair. I have now done the whole produre five or six times. Everywhere elese te repair looks fine, but all along the one edge of the repair, the paint krinkles immediately.

Of course, I now have a much larger repair area, too.

I'm beginning to think I shouldn't even have started this fix. You can hardly see the area. But I guess a bare spot isn't a good thing either.

Eastwood technical director John Sloane thinks I can sand it smooth and then spray on light mist coats of black one over the other. He says he's had luck doing this on such touch ups.

What do you think? 

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