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Grew Up Loving Tools - And Still Do!

Tools are an essential part of any gearhead's life
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Tools have always fascinated me. My dad always carried all his tools (as well as his fishing gear, his bowling ball and his golf clubs) in the trunk of his '58 Chrysler Saratoga. The car was a tail dragger, but when he opened the trunk, the tools were always staring me in the face. In the early '60s, I went to Brooklyn Technical High School. It was an old place loaded with tools, equipment and machinery. The school had countless machine shops, an aeronauticaal shop where they built an airplane each year and even two foundries. I think I absorbed "vibes" from all of that hardware. Ever since that time, I have been a serious "tool enthusiast." Last night, I had the pleasure of touring Bennett Coachworks in downtown Milwaukee, with members of the Wisconsin Region of the Classic Car Club and Wisconsin Jaguars, Ltd. I'm surprised the "Tool Collectors Club" wasn't invited, too. Bennett Coachworks was a restoration shop and hot rod business loaded with beautiful cars ( But, while everyone else was busy taking pictures of Dodge Chargers, Olds Toronados and R-code Mustangs, there I was snapping photos of an English wheel and a sheet metal brake. It's no wonder people think I'm wierd. Who else do you know who would rather take a picture of a Mittner Brothers louver punch than a Dodge Brothers touring car? 

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