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After the Saturday morning British car show during the British Motor Trade Association ( annual conference, we enjoyed the tech seminars on SU carbs and auto detailing. After that, is was back to the Hampton Inn near Daytona Airpot for a great lunch and more seminars. The focus of the afternoon was on "social networking" and Websites such as Facebook. Well, I'll tell you, that type of thing isn't my cup of tea. I just have a mental block seeing how going on a social networking site can help a business. I know the PR people think it's the coolest thing since slice bread, because it helps them reach a lot of people. That's great, but how many of those people are interested in old cars? I just don't have the time to "network." Between writing an average of one story a day, knocking off a couple of books a year and putting in some time at the Gunners Great Garage restoration shop, I don't have time left to play computer games or play games on the computer. There's probably a lot of you who disagree with me -- and I may be wrong. But, I lived over six decades without Facebook and I think I can get by without it now, too. 

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