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So after all the struggles getting to and during the vintage races at Elkhart Lake, I'm staying over in the area to give a talk to the MG Midget Club tomorrow afternoon. I had a pleasant dinner at Nino's steakhouse in Sheboygan (the last restaurant in a historic chain) and after tapping the iPad for a bit I went to sleep. Around 11:45 I awake to the sound of thunder and pouring rain. This wasn't good. When I parked the MG TF I had put up the top, but left the side curtains off! I ran out and a green car was parked under the hotel canopy where I wanted to park the soaked MG so I could install the curtains. A young couple who obviously owned the car were checking in. I was able to get the hood and cowl under the canopy, but the cockpit (and me) were getting very wet. I thought they'd be maybe 5 minutes, but after 15, the car was getting flooded. I went in to ask the young man if he could move up. He came right out, saw the MG getting soaked and moved up even further than necessary. He asked what kind of car it was and, like many people his age, had never heard of an MG. He then proceeded to do a great job helping me put in the curtains. I mean, he was a "natural." He said that his pretty lady companion was in the army and had been called up. Pretty soon the car was dry and I had made two new young friends. Man, this hobby is great!

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