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Hagerty picks top 10 Buicks of all time

Buick dropped us a line to say that Hagery Insurance picked the 2012 Regal GS for the insurance company's "hot list" of future collectibles. The automaker and insurer then went one step further and picked the top 10 Buicks of all time. While the list hits on all straight eight cylinders, it's missing a few of my personal faves: the 1941 Buick, the 1954 Skylark, the 1964 Wildcat, the LT-1-powered Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagons, the last-generation Riviera and the cars I owned in high school and college, the 1968-69 Skylarks/Gran Sports. But, I suppose you have to draw the line somewhere.

DETROIT – The choice of the Buick Regal GS to endure the test of time and become an automotive classic places the new sport sedan in the company of bygone Buick classics.

Hagerty Insurance, the classic car insurance firm, placed the Regal GS on its “2012 Hot List” for mass-market vehicles with a suggested retail price below $100,000. The company thinks the Regal GS will be a future collectible.

In particular, Hagerty applauded Buick’s decision to offer a performance sedan with a manual transmission, noting that “at a time when allegedly more sporting makes don't offer real three-pedal manual transmissions, Buick is doing it with the Regal GS.”

“The Regal GS is a unique and thrilling vehicle for the Buick brand,” said General Motors North America President Mark Reuss. “As someone who drove a classic Skylark to prom and owned other incredible Buicks like an '87 GNX, I can say it deserves to be viewed among the best Buick has built.”

As a projected future classic, the Regal GS will join memorable Buicks that have proved their collectability. Following the announcement of the 2012 Hot List, Hagerty experts collaborated with Buick to list the Top 10 most-collectible Buicks, some of which hold values of well over $100,000:

2012 Buick Regal GS

"In order to be included on the annual Hagerty Hot List, the vehicle must be geared toward the driving enthusiast beyond just being a form of transportation,” said Hagerty.” Like the other Buick classics listed here, the 2012 Regal GS will be remembered more than most of its peers for many years down the road.”

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