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Has anyone noticed that things are getting done fast these days? What I mean is if you order an old car part, it's on your doorstep faster than you can put the money in the bank to pay for it. I had some instruments being rebuilt by Nissonger's in New York City. They were there for four years and I was wondering about them, when suddenly the UPS man was at the door with them. About the same time I had a rusty frame being welded and thought it would take a few months. When it came back in two weeks, I had to scramble to cover the bill. Last week I took my "new" 1975 Ford tow truck into be lettered up and I could not believe that it was finished three days later. Shops and job shops are working hard to thread water in this economy and when work comes in, it gets done fast. You might want to keep this in mind if you're anxious to get that long-standing car project going. It's a great time to get outside work done fast.

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