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Hawaii 3-4 (Ford, that is)

Even cars in Hawaii need a bath once in a while, and this ’34 roadster looks fresh from the tub. As an ominous reminder to Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, the clean Ford wears black-out covers on its headlamps and cowl lamps. Also check out the “919” license topper on the 1942 Hawaii license plate and the non-stock bumper guards fitted to the Ford. Unfortunately, those guards weren’t able to prevent a nick from forming in the driver’s front fender.

Regular OCW readers know we run a weekly "Reader Photos" section, in which we feature wicked-cool old photos from reader albums. It's certainly one of my favorite features each, and it always seems we don't have enough space to run every photo.
One of readers who regularly contributes is Coy Thomas, who is a big Ford fan (among other cars). Recently, Thomas sent in a photo of a 1934 Ford roadster in Honolulu in 1942 (pictured below at top). After we ran the photo Thomas sent in the March 26 "Reader Photos," another package arrived with several more scenes of the same Ford. Since it was too late to include them, and we probably would not have had the space, I have included them here. Enjoy!

March 26 Reader Photos:

The near-perfect, year-round climate of Hawaii and the perfect all-around good looks of Ford’s 1934 V-8 roadster make for a perfect combination. Proof that at least one of these ideal car-to-island relationships existed comes with this 1942 photograph captured in Honolulu and showing a friend of reader Tom Slaughter’s father.

Does a cool ocean breeze still roll through the open cockpit of this Ford? Perhaps a Hawaiian reader will let us know.

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The above is the original photo that appeared in Old Cars Weekly. Below are the additional photos Thomas submitted.

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Thomas identified this gentleman in his second letter as Harry Rodin.

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Here's Guy Slaughter, who supplied Thomas with the above '34 Ford photos, in Honolulu in 1943 with his own 1936 Ford three-window coupe. Note this car also carries black-outs on its headlamps.

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