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Heacock Classics' Top 10 Collectible Pontiacs

Heacock Classic sent out its list of the Top Ten Pontiac Collectibles from the last 50 Years, so I thought I'd share it here. While I agree all of these cars that made it on the list are great and extremely memorable, I wouldn't mind seeing a Tri-Power '59 on here, or a transaxle Tempest. But, there's only so much room on a list of ten cars. What would you add?

It would also be nice to see a list of Pontiacs that are more than 50 years old. What would you put on it? The 1957 Bonneville? The 1958 Bonneville? A Silver Streak fastback?


With the recent news surrounding GM and the loss of Pontiac, Heacock Classic, a leading provider of collector car insurance, took a trip down memory lane to find the greatest Pontiac models it believes are destined to become collectibles.

Heacock Classic has listed below, the “Top Ten Pontiacs Collectibles from the Last 50 Years”:

1. 1962-1963 Catalina 421 SD
Designed only for racing, these purpose-built drag racers were the creation of Pontiac General Manager John Delorean to give Pontiac supremacy at NHRA and NASCAR events throughout the country. Although rated at 363-405 hp, these Holy Grails of collectible Pontiacs were said to put out 500 horsepower, easily. They sold new for about $6000, but they're worth over $100,000 each today.

2. 1969 Trans Am
Only 697 1969 Trans Ams were ever produced, all featured the Pontiac Ram Air III or Ram Air IV engine. Today, these first year Trans Ams are highly sought after by collectors.

3. 1969 Judge
At the same time the Trans Am was introduced as the ultimate Firebird, the Judge was introduced as the ultimate GTO. The first 500 produced were all painted Carousel Red (a bright shade of orange), and came with large rear spoilers, and bright-colored decals. Like its cousin the Trans Am, the 1969 Judge could be had with the Ram Air III or Ram Air IV engine.

4. 1973-1974 Trans Am and Formula Super Duty
Pontiac planned on putting its famous 455 Super Duty engine in the GTO, Grand Prix and Firebird models, but only the Firebird Formula and Trans Am got the high-horsepower engine. Production of these SD cars was very limited, and they are extremely collectible.

5. 1965-1967 GTO
Although the 1964 GTO is the first year of the body style, collectors prefer the stacked-headlight look of the '65-'67 over the first year model. Best examples are factory Tri-Power 389s ('65 and '66 only) or 400s (1967 only) mated to a four-speed manual transmission.

6. 1970-1972 Trans Am
The Second Generation Trans Am set the standard for the muscle car wars in 1970. It featured high horsepower, a great ride, and stunning looks. The 1970 1/2 Trans Am is a popular favorite because it is easy to find in the collector's marketplace, and featured either a Ram Air III or Ram Air IV engine. The 1971 and 1972 models are more rare, being produced in lower quantities, and both years came with the Pontiac 455 HO engine.

7. 1961 Catalina or Ventura
Many hobbyists consider the 1961 Pontiac coupe is considered as the prettiest Pontiac ever made. Both the Catalina and its fancier-trim cousin, the Ventura, are perfect examples of the era. Both have the one-year only bubble-top design that make them so beautiful. The best examples come with Tri Power 389s and four-speed manual trans.

8. 1977-1981 Trans Am Black and Gold Special Editions
Made famous by Burt Reynolds in "Smokey and the Bandit," the T/A SE, as it was known, was produced in large quantities throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s. They have recently gained popularity among hobbyists, not so much for their horsepower, but more for great looks and connection to the movie.

9. 1998-2002 Trans Am WS6
Don't let these recent-memory Trans Ams fool you. They're sure to be the next big collectible in the Pontiac family, and there are plenty available in today's market at great pricing. They offer stunning looks, great style, incredible performance, and the convenience of modern engineering.

10. 2004-2006 GTO
These Australian-bred GTOs are full of power, and sure to be skyrocketing in price in twenty years. Now's the time to pick up a low-mile example and put it away. The 2005-2006 models are especially popular among hobbyists for their higher-horsepower LS2 engine.

Heacock Classic is a division of Heacock Insurance Group, Inc., based in Sebring, Florida. Founded <> in 1922, it is a full-service independent insurance agency. Today Heacock Classic is one of the leading collector car insurance organizations in North America. For more information on Heacock Classic, please visit <> .

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