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Heading For Corvette Heaven

These weary bones don't travel around the hobby as much as they used to, but every year there are not-to-be-missed events that are simply too exciting to skip. Corvette Funfest, being held this weekend in Effingham, Illinois, is a venue not to be missed. I always think of it as "Corvette Heaven." Now, I have never owned a Corvette and I've only ridden in one a few times, but there is much more to Funfest than driving a Corvette there. It is the largest Corvette show (in terms of number of cars) held anywhere in the country. But it also a place where you can meet people like famed customizer George Barris, former Corvette chief engineer Dave McLellen, and authors like Jerry Heasley and Jerry Burton. In addition, this year's entertainment will be provided by one of my favorite singing groups from the '60s and '70s, Three Dog Night. The show also features seminars, product demonstrations and the opportunity to buy Corvette merchandise at special prices. One night think that a Pontiac nut like me would find little of interest at Funfest, but last year one of the products on display was a cat-back exhaust system from SLP (Street Legal Performance) and the guy behind their counter was none other than Ed Hamburger, the guy who originated the "Bandit" Trans Am that Burt Reynolds drove. Ed and I had a very good conversation about the exciting history of his company. So here's my personal recommendation to attend this show if you can. If you do come, look me up and we'll share a cola. Information can be found at

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