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I have made a decision to head slowly for the door here at old-car central in Iola, Wisconsin. After 29 years of automotive editorial work, the time has come to experience "life beyond the cubicle." Don't get me wrong, I still plan to write about collector car and I still hope to do articles and books for the great folks at Old Cars Weekly and Krause Books (www.krausebooks.com) I just want to work as a freelancer, so I can actually write more than ever. In fact, I'm hoping that I can even keep this blog going, because it's fun to put my thoughts into writing each day and hear back from some of you.

As I see it, the big changes in doing this stuff from home will be: 1) In the summer I'll be able to sit in the back yard, enjoy the trees, listen to the birds chirping and write in a relaxed environment and 2) When I get bored with writing, I'll be able to walk next door to my car building and spin some wrenches.

I'll be turning 60 in a couple of weeks and the idea of making a big change like this one is exciting. And in part, I have to thank Angelo Van Bogart for this opportunity. When Angelo came on board at Old Cars Weekly a few years ago, I could sense that he was made for the job. This has proven to be the case and it has given me the freedom to move on to the free-lance writing career I envisioned 29 years ago.

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