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Dave Sarna rebuilt the engine on my '36 Pontiac when we both worked together at Old Cars Weekly. Later on, Dave went to work in the Automotive Technology Dept. at Fox Valley Technical College ( Now, he has some high-tech engine building equipment at the school that's awesome. If you're interested in how new technology can help old car collectors, check the FVTC Website.

Dave has done it all. He restored a Chevelle that made the cover of Car Exchange magazine. He competed in the Great American Race with a team of teen-agers. He became the Mayor of Manawa (where my shop is located). He did consulting work training Ford factory techs. He and his son successfully raced snowmobiles. And he put in three tours of duty with the National Guard in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now Dave is back and he's ready to have some fun. Last year he dragged a car out to Bonneville and almost made the 200-mph club. He would have become a member if the salt hadn't had an inch of water on it last year. This year he wants to go back and get into the "second century." And he wants me to go with him.

Now I'm saving up for a trip to Utah in September. It will be my very first trip to the salt, even though I've been in love with Bonneville Speedweeks since the days I read about Mickey Thompson's Challenger I, Naturally, I'll be blogging the whole trip so I can share this great new experience with all of you.

By the way, the same night Dave stopped by to propose this trip, I found out that my granddaughter Katie is going to be moving to Salt Lake City before we go to Utah. Her husband Mike is in the U.S. Air Force and is going to be stationed in SLC after he finihes basic in Texas. I haven't told Dave that we'll be making a side trip yet.

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