Hobby Expenses Keep Going Up

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How many old-car hobbyists remember the days when putting your car in a show didn't cost a red cent and it was free - or maybe a buck - to pass through the gate as a spectator? Well, it appears those days are long gone. I just saw a write-up for a car corral where upper-field parking was "only" $150. If you wanted your car to be seen better on the lower level, that was even more. Of course, when you get to n event today, you're likely to encounter valet parking, private dining areas and all sorts of "options" that cost even more.

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to re-think my show plans for this summer. When it gets to the point where I can't afford to restore the car I'm working on because the shows cost so much, I think the car is going to win. I can get by fine without that car show, rally or vintage race. I'll just stay home in my garage, turn on the TV, crack open a beverage and have some free old-car fun like I used to in the good old days.

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