Hobbyist Sends His "Funny Story"

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One of my first postings to this blog concerned funny old-car stories and drew a response from Tom Krotzman, who had his own funny story to tell. Here it is:

have a story. When I was a boy of about 15, I discovered a 1938 Ford Tudor sedan parked in the woods of an old lady not too far from me. I
tried hard to buy it from her. (It had been sitting for many years) She
seemed very reluctant to sell. Finally she gave in and decided she
would sell it to me for $25.00 only if she could keep the back seat for
sentimental reasons! I took her up on the offer and bought the car,
never asking what those reasons were. I put gas and a battery in it and
pulled it with Dad's tractor. It started in about 20 feet. It smoked
like no car I have ever owned since!

I'm going back to "Gunner's Garage" now. Tom did such a good job, I'll just relax and let you hobbyists out there write this stuff for me. (I know you'll do better than I do!)

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