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I bought a neat little tool at the Fall Jefferson car show and I think many collector car hobbyists will want to know about this one because it clamps hoses on better than any type of hose clamp I've ever seen and it can also be used for jobs like repairing split hoses and splicing damaged battery cables. The ClampTite tool looks like a punch, but it can be used to clamp or band anything with wire. You wind up with something that resembles the old wire clamps used on '40s and early '50s cars, except there's no screws to tighten and the wire is thinner. The main thing is, you don't get a leak-prone D-shaped connection like a hose clamp gives you. The tool creates a tight, round connection. As we all know, hose clamps have been getting somewhat flimsy, too and this tool eliminates that problem as well. The clamp or band the tool creates isn't "factory original" but it is better and if you want the original look you can clamp a factory style fastener over the wire band. You can see the toll at or simply call Peter Martin (who I bought mine from) at (262) 939-4926 to ask about his car show specials.

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