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After a slow start, the 2008 Iola Old Cars Show definitely picked up steam on Friday. This has definitely turned into a great show, although it is not as crowded as some past years. The cars are great. What I think happened is that all of the good cars still came despite the higher gas prices. For those of us walking around, this makes for a better show as the cars on display are of really good quality this year (except for my jalopies, of course). There are a few open spaces in the swap meet, but it is still loaded with all kinds of good stuff for sale. After the annual wine and cheese party last night, we cruised the swap meet in the yellow MG TF and was amazed by the amount of buying and selling activity going on late at night. Other folks were just having a big party. The kids with the bicycle that was all lit up with neon were really something to see coming up the dark row out by the Toy Barn. On Saturday we plan to take in the auction for the first time ever (retirement has its perks, as I now have more time to walk around). There are some really great features at this year's show for "car guys." You gotta see the auto shop teacher playing ragtime on an old piano. He has really been one of the hits ogf the show. Next to him is "Fin Man" Jerry Kopecky with the parts of the Chrysler 300 F he's restoring. And to the North you'll see dream car collector Joe Bortz showing off his Dodge Firearrow. Pre-1936 cars that took part on the "Dillinger" movie are another real treat. And if you come to Iola, be sure to stock up on $5 books in the Krause books tent. Though I'm glad to be out of working there, it's still the best bargain in town!

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