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If you want to see great examples of metal fabrication art, check out I met Matt Blake, the owner of the Iron Horse Corral, at the Antique Motorcycle Club of America ( meet in Davenport, Iowa, on Labor Day weekend. Matt builds fenders, tanks, tool-boxes . . . even sidecars . . . for vintage Indian motorcycles.

Matt has an interesting background. His uncle is the great customizer Dean Jefferies, who created the Monkeemobile and other cars. As a kid, Matt worked for Sam Pierce, who single-handly kept the Indian name going in the late '60s and who also restored bikes for Steve McQueen.

Having recently done a big article on sheet metal fabrication tools, I developed an interest in the craftsmen who practice the metal fabrication arts to bring old vehicles back to life. To see someone like Matt making a successful living building affordable, exact reproduction parts for rare motorcycles, proves that doing quality work can pay off.

Even if you hate bikes and only love old cars, you'll appreciate Matt's talents when you visit his website.

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