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Is eBay Motors suffering from Arizona auction envy?

Last night, former Old Cars Weekly staffer Chad Elmore pointed me to an eBay Motors auction offering a ca.-2004 Chrysler 300 once owned by prez-elect Obama. The bidding? $99.5 million as of last night. The seller was also quick to point out that a piece of Obama's half-eaten food fetched $20K and that Bo Duke's General Lee was bid up to an insane amount of money. So, naturally, the Chrysler was worth the big bids.

The eBay bidding was by registered bidder only, though I still highly doubt that bidding was legitimately up to $99.5 million (in fact, the auction has been pulled). Was it a PR stunt timed with the Arizona auction action? I don't know, but as a former seller on eBay who occasionally sold Hot Wheels cars, and one who is among many that is not happy with eBay/Pay Pal's growing fees, I suspected it might be a way for the company to get some attention during the live auction action in Arizona.

Thanks, but I'll do all my car bidding live or in-person where I know who I'm dealing with...

Here's a link to the original auction:

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