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It Ain't the '60s


Ain't it true that every Thursday I rant about what happened at the cruise (or is it "kruise") the night before? This week there was a better turnout of cars and people than normal. With so much activity, there was excitement in the air and a few of the younger enthusiasts started to do some street racing. They were screeching their tires, burning rubber and revvin' their engines just like in the old days. The only problem is, this isn't the old days. The laws are stricter, the fines are steeper and the gendarmes ("pooh-leece" if you will) ain't used to street racers. And another thing to think about is the speed equipment is better today, so the cars are probably faster. That kind of ups the danger level. If things get too much out of control, someone could get hurt . . . or killed. In my humble opinion, these guys (or gals) should cool it. This ain't the '60s. In fact, even back in the day, it was better to take behavior like that to the drag strip where it belonged.

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