It's out! The new Resto Guide is coming!

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You've asked for it, and it's finally coming. That's right, theOld Cars Weekly/Old Cars Report Price Guidestaff has been working feverishly to not only bring you content in these two publications and their respective web sites, but also on the latest issue ofOld Cars Guide to Auto Restoration.

Here's a taste of the 20+ features inside Old Cars Guide to Auto Restoration:
*Parts & Projects: Kuhn’s auto salvage
*1955 Cadillac engine rebuild, part 3 (final installment)
*Wiring harness tips and tricks
*A look at L’Cars Automotive Specialties in Cameron, Wis.
*Fitting doors on 1930s cars and trucks
*Reviving old paint
*Understanding carburetors
*Front-end overhaul
*Replacing king pins

Also, here's a glimpse at the cover with all of the words and masthead removed. That's a 1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III fromL'Carson the cover. Be sure to check your newsstands in middle December if you're looking to pick up this sixth installment. (Sorry, previous issues are sold out.)

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