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Just an observation

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At OCW we write about cars, but in actuality, we focus on the story behind the car and how it has touched someone’s life. I periodically search online for interesting photos and videos to post on our Facebook page. While I am searching, one thing has become apparent: in the past, people seemed to have a deeper appreciation for their cars than they do today.

I know most of us have newer cars that we are proud of, but the attachment seems to have some disconnect. Snapshots used to include our cars in them. I rarely see that today. Maybe it is the whole “selfie” craze or maybe we don’t see the world past arms length anymore. Who knows? Perhaps the role of the car has changed over the years.

I can only speak for myself when I say I remember a car being part of the story growing up. Milestones in life many times were framed by the car you had at that moment. Family trips, first dates, where you were when…, first cars, etc. were made possible by your car. The car was an extension of you and was held in high regard. It seems that some of that nostalgia has been lost.

Maybe I am jumping to unfounded conclusions. I am sure there are still stories behind every car. I hope the younger generation eventually will take a deep breath and extend the world past arms reach and document their rides. Even if they do not know it now, their cars are a big part of the experience.

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